Monday, January 31, 2011

Today's NBA Winning Sports Picks by Top Sports Capper, Paradise Plays

The featured sports handicapper for Monday, January 31st 2011 is Paradise Plays! Paradise Plays ' top sports handicappers will be offering picks for the following games: Nuggets vs. Nets, Cavaliers vs. Heat, Magic vs. Grizzlies, Wizards vs. Mavericks, Bobcats vs. Jazz, Bucks vs. Clippers! The's  Paradise Plays has 1 day pick packages for just, $20 and their 30 day pick packages for, $299- which are guaranteed to win in sports betting! Your plays will be emailed to you on a daily basis by 2 PM EST (earlier games no later than 1 hour prior than game time).
The DailyProfitTeam’s Paradise PlaysNBA handicappers are all over the Heat vs. Cavaliers game tonight, which starts at 7:30pm EST… The Heat won yesterday at OKC Thunder 108 to 103. The Heat play tonight in Miami vs. Lebron's old team the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers have lost 20 games in a row... can they break this awful streak against Lebron and the Heat. Get the Paradaise Plays sports picks for today’s game exclusively from the and find out what our NBA handicappers think about tonight’s games!

Friday, January 28, 2011

SUPER BOWL XLV Special Sports Report from the

The featured sports handicapper for Friday, January 28, 2011 is TheSportsPros! TheSportsPros offer their early picks for the SUPERBOWL XLV! Get winning sports betting tips for This year's Super Bowl XLV game - The Green Bay Packers vs. the Pittsburg Steelers. The Green Bay Packers are the 3 point favorites over the Pittsburg Steelers with an over/under of 44.
TheSportsPros have handicappers that chose both teams to make it to the super bowl and our sports handicappers can beat the point spread and over/under! Score the’s exclusive TheSportsPros’ 30 day picks package and get guaranteed winning sports picks for all of the sports you love to bet on! These guaranteed winning sports picks will give you top results on February 6, 2011 for the Super Bowl XLV as well sports picks and plays you need to bet on to win big for the next 30 days!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Big Wins in Sports Betting with NBA and NCAA Basketball

The featured sports handicapper for Thursday, January 27, 2011 is, capper WinSportsNow. WinSportsNow is offering a 1 day NBA & NCAA Basketball picks package for just, $25 and their 30 day winning sports betting picks package for $299. The offers this exclusive, 30 day package from WinSportsNow which must achieve a minimum 72% win strikerate on these Daily Profit Team Picks or your 30 day account is extended 10 months, free of charge! Get guaranteed winning sports picks from one the top handicapping firms online!
WinSportsNow has all their handicapper sports picks ready for today’s NBA and
College Basketball action.Their featured picks for the NBA games are: Heat vs. Knicks, Rockets vs. Mavericks and Celtics vs. Blazers. Their feature picks for NCAA games are: Michigan vs. Michigan State, Hofstra vs. VA Commonwealth, Vanderbilt vs. Miss State, UCLA vs. Arizona State, St. Marys CA vs. Gonzaga.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Horse Racing Handicapping Picks -Gulfstream Park & More!

Today, Wednesday, January 26, 2011 the’s Van Dyke Track Advisors have handicapped all the top racetracks! Van Dyke Track Advisors puts you on THE INSIDE track to daily winnings at top racetracks nationwide..Through this special agreement with the, you can set yourself up for a 1 day racetrack picks package or a complete 30 day cycle of winning racetrack picks. Van Dyke Track Advisors 1 day Picks Package is just, $20 and our 30 day Van Dyke Track Advisors Picks Package is only, $299.
Gulfstream Park is next to impossible to handicap with all their great horses, trainers, and jockeys… Van Dyke Track Advisors had their top racetrack handicappers move to South Florida just for the winter to get the inside edge and winning information you need! Post Time at Gulfstream Park is at 12:55 PM with 9 races today. With today’s full racing cards from Aqueduct, Tamp Bay Downs, and other tracks all around the country, Van Dyke Track Advisors has trackside connections and inside sources for all pick-3's, pick-4's and always the big payoff... the pick-6!’s Van Dyke Track Advisors have handicappers who specialize in strict long shot opportunities with odds of 12-1 or better! Get your 1 day or 30 day Van Dyke Track Advisors racing picks for today’s races and start winning at the tracks!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sports Betting Tips from Top Sports Handicapper, Tony Reno

Ever since people were able to compete, there have been those willing to take a risk and bet on the outcome. While some are more prone to gamble than others, we all get excited at the prospect of winning money. So why do people do it? Some do it to get some action on an otherwise uninteresting matchup. Some bet on their favorite teams. And some bet on sports to make money; After all, gambling (if done the right way) can be profitable. Whatever your reason for betting on sports, it’s important to follow a few rules. Read these sports betting tips to increase your odds of beating the bookie.
1. Shop around: While lines are usually similar from sportsbook to sportsbook, there are almost always variances. This might mean having to set up multiple accounts at reputable sportsbooks. Shop around for the numbers that you like the best. For example: if you already like the underdog at home, bet with the sportsbook that has them at +9 instead of the one that has them at +8.
2. Bet against the public (ATP): Do your research. Which way is the public betting? It’s usually smarter to bet against them. Why? Cause all the money is on the public favorite and bookies always prefer to have the advantage. While it is sometimes necessary to bet with the public – the lines aren’t always set right – ATP is an important concept to keep in mind.
3. Money management: Never bet more than you can afford to lose. While the prospect of doubling up your son’s college fund on a single bet is tempting, there’s always a good chance you’ll lose it all. Remember that even if you’re a very good handicapper, the odds of winning your bet might only be 10-20 percent better than a coin toss. Decide how much money you can afford on betting over a determined period of time and stick with that bankroll whether you win or lose. Divide your bankroll into several small bets instead of large single bets. This way, even if you lose some, you’ll certainly win some and have a better chance of winning money consistently.
4. Don’t chase bets: It’s tempting to chase bets after losses. Remember that losses are a part of profitable sports betting and that it’s important to stick to your strategy. If you do this, you’ll be more likely to make money in the long run. If you chase bets, you’ll almost always end up bankrupt. Never let emotions control your actions. If you have a tough loss (or losses) the best thing you can do is take a break – whether it be for a few days or for a few weeks. Come back when you have a clear mind and when you’re able to make rational decisions.
Lastly, choose your bets wisely: Although it can be tempting to bet on your favorite team, sometimes this isn’t the best idea. After all, you’re biased, and them being your favorite team has nothing to do with odds of them winning or covering. Do your research. Read previews. Compare picks. Bet on the games that you feel best about – sometimes this means going with your gut. If you don’t automatically get a “good feeling” about a bet when you see the line, stay away from it.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Win Sports Now Handicapper Ready for Weekend of Sports Betting!

Friday, January 21, 2011 is the featured sports handicapper, Win Sports Now. This weekend's sports action is supported by Win Sports Now which is offering a 1 day sports pick package for just, $25 and their 30 Day Picks Package for $299. Win Sports Now provides an elite level of service to all customers whether they enroll for 1 day, 30 days or 1 year! Top sports handicapper, Win Sports Now has all your picks for the NBA basketball games.
Get this exclusive Win Sports Now sports pick package from the and see who they choose for the Jazz vs. Celtics, and Lakers vs. Nuggets. Win Sports Now sports capper has this weekend's winning NBA and College Basketball games. They perform extensive player vs. player analysis, team vs. team analysis, coach vs. coach analysis, and a whole lot more to
make sure all of the information points in the winning direction on a particular matchup.
Purchase today’s, top sports capper, Win Sports Now sports pick package and score big wins in sports betting.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

ParadisePlays OWNS College Basketball Today!

Today’s featured handicapper for Thursday, January 20, 2011 is top capper, ParadisePlays! ParadisePlays offers their 1 Day College Basketball Sport Picks for just, $20! ParadisePlays also offers their 30 days of sports reports for just, $299.
The’s ParadisePlays has all your College Basketball sports picks with over 50+ games being played across the country, today! Score big wins in college basketball when you get your ParadisePlays sports report for today. With so many college basketball games being played today, you will win huge cash if you choose ParadisePlays sports report, exclusively from the!
Select ParadisePlays 30 days of sports reports backed by the 72% Win Guarantee!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Sports Pros NFL Playoffs Early Picks

The featured NFL handicapper for Wednesday, January 19, 2011 is top capper, The Sports Pros. Today and for the rest of this week, The Sports Pros offer this upcoming Sunday's AFC and NFC Conference Championship games with a single pick package for just, $10 or get The Sports Pros guaranteed winning, 30 day sports picks package for only, $299.
NFC Conference Championship game features the Green Bay Packers at the Chicago Bears Stadium. The Green Bay Packers are a 3.5 point underdog with total point spread 43.5 as of today. The long awaited, NFC Conference Championship game is to be played on Sunday, January, 23, 2011 at 3:00pm EST.
The AFC Conference Championship game will feature the New York Jets at the
Pittsburgh Steelers Stadium. The New York Jets are also 3.5 point underdog with total
point spread 38.5. This AFC Conference Championship game starts on Sunday, January, 23rd, 2011 at 6:30 EST.
The Sports Pros have picked these teams to make the NFL playoffs! –Get your The Sports Pros winning picks for this Sunday’s NFL playoff games now and we will deliver, big time winning results for all of your sports bets for the NFL playoffs!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Top Capper, Tony Reno NBA Picks

The featured handicapper for today, Tuesday, January, 18, 2011 is Vegas capper legend, Tony Reno. Tony Reno has his picks for today's NBA games. See who Tony picks and favors when the Atlanta Hawks travel to Miami to play the Heat. With AllStars Lebron James and Chris Bosh still hurt, can Dwyane Wade carry the Heat and destroy the Atlanta Hawks who are 8-2 for the last 10 games? Tip-off time is set for 7:30pm EST. That leaves you with plenty of time to buy your DailyProfitTeam.comTony Reno Sports, elite pick package for today’s NBA games.
Get our Tony Reno Sports picks, 1 day package for just, $15 or choose his 30 day sports picks backed by the’s guarateed winning sports picks for a meager, $299. Win like a pro sports betting champ when you get your Tony Reno Sports Picks for today!

Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK Day at the Racetracks

The’s featured handicapper for today is Van Dyke TrackAdvisors. Today is Martin Luther King Day, and every major racetrack is open today. Major racetracks are not usually open on Mondays…VanDyke TrackAdvisors have been waiting all month for today’s races because all the best Jockeys have mounts!! Aqueduct and Gulfstream Park both have 9 race cards for today. And, both racetracks offer pick-3, 4,and 6's. Our cappers have been keen on today and know the strengths and weaknesses of every race! VanDyke TrackAdvisors, the top capper for horse racing, combines the best of both worlds by using the data collected from our live track sources and a special computerized software analysis program that produces the most profitable bets across the board every day at various racetracks nationwide!
Get your VanDyke TrackAdvisors’ one day, two track racing picks for a mere, $20! Or, choose the's 30 days of guaranteed wins at the tracks for just, $299! Have a great day at the tracks and get all of our wining picks from the’s top capper for the ponies… VanDyke TrackAdvisors!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Megaplay Capper Special Offers Picks for this Weekend's Sporting Events & Playoff Games!

The has a special offer just for the serious sports better today! We are offering a Megaplay Capper Special! This special is a sports fanatic’s dream! has amassed a seasoned and dedicated team of professional handicappers which enables us to deliver the strongest winning information and sports plays to you on a daily basis...Win big for this weekend’s sporting events. This Megaplay Capper Special, exclusively from the, is yours for only, $500. The Megaplay Capper Special features all the NFL playoffs, NBA, College Basketball and NHL Hockey picks for today through Sunday! Three days of sports reports...Our guys have been studying hard for this weekend and there's a lot of CASH to be made in sports betting for this weekend’s sporting events.
The, Megaplay Capper Special must achieve a minimum 72% win strike rate on these sports picks by each individual handicapping company or your account membership is extended 10 months free of charge!
Have a great weekend and win a ton of cash with our, Megaplay Capper Special Package!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

TheSportsFirm Offers Cappers for the NFL Playoffs

Today’s handicapper spotlight is on The Sports Firm. The Sports Firm has your early picks for Saturday and Sunday's NFL playoff games.The second round of the NFL playoffs starts this Saturday, January 15th with the Seahawks vs the Bears at 1:00pm EST and the Ravens at Steelers. Game time is set for 4:30pm EST. Sunday NFL games are the Jets at the Pats starting at 4:30pm EST and the Packers vs Falcons, 8:00pm EST. The best capper deal online is the's 2 handicapper, 1 day picks for just, $25.
Get winning NFL game picks and sports reports for this weekend's NFL games now! Our cappers picks are guaranteed winners when you purchase ANY 30 day capper package from the

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gulfstream Park and Aqueduct Pick 6 Action

Today’s handicapper spotlight is on VanDykeTrackAdvisors. VanDykeTrackAdvisors is the top horse racing handicapper in the country! Today, VanDykeTrackAdvisors features winning picks from Gulfstream Park and Aqueduct racetracks.
Gulfstream Park's post time is 12:55pm EST and offers a 9 race card. With a new 10-cent pick-6 and 50-cent Pick-5, Gulfstream now offers multi race bets linking the last 6,5,4,3 or 2 races of the day. VanDykeTrackAdvisors' 10-cent pick-6 bets are the best! And, their 1 Day Picks Package for just, $20 is the best deal online. Aqueduct's post time is 12:30pm EST and also offers a 9 race card. Aqueduct Racetrack has rolling daily doubles, pick-3's, early and late 50 cent pick-4's as well as a pick-6.
The’s VanDykeTrackAdvisors have studied the program and placed all their bets today for both racetracks...Get ready to cash in when you buy this consistent winning, horse racing handicapper’s sports picks for today’s races!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Men's College Basketball Winning Sports Picks

Today’s handicapper spotlight is on PlatinumPlaysWin. There are a ton of men's college basketball games on TV tonight! Get your single package sports picks for as low as, $20 and the Platinum Plays Win 30 day package for just , $299 with 72% guaranteed winning results!
Our feature games in men’s college basketball are Wisconsin at Michigan State 7pm EST, Texas at Texas Tech 7pm EST, and Illinois at Penn State 9pm EST.
Maybe unseeded Michigan State can upset 20th ranked Wisconsin? Find out insider sports tips and sports plays by purchasing one of the best top cappers' sports pick packages from PlatinumPlaysWin. We have exclusive insider sports tips and all of your handicapping information for today’s men’s college basketball games ready now!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Winning Sports Pick for the BSC Fiesta Bowl!

Today’s handicapper spotlight is The Sports Pros! Get The Sports Pros 1 day capper for just, $10 and win big on the Fiesta Bowl!
The Oregon Ducks and the Auburn Tigers will both be gunning for a victory today, January 10, 2011 when they meet at University of Phoenix Stadium in this BCS Championship Game. The Sports Pros have been handicapping all of the Oregon Ducks and Auburn Tigers' games all season long. Oddsmakers currently have the Auburn Tigers listed as 1½-point favorites versus the Oregon DucksThe Sports Pros have and can beat those odds for just, $10!
The offers 72% WIN GUARANTEE OR GET 90 DAYS FREE OF CHARGE and The Sports Pros' top handicapper's picks for today's BCS Championship Game are in! THE SPORT PROS from will provide you with winning information in Professional and College football. Get The Sports Pros winning pick for today’s games!

Friday, January 7, 2011

7 Sports Pick Megaplays from Top Cappers with Guaranteed Results!

Kick off your New Year with straight wins when you purchase your 7 Sports Pick Megaplays for just, $100. The's 7 Megaplays (a value of $3,500) is yours for just, $100 PLUS the Daily Profit Team Guarantees you win today’s Megaplay or we will give you 30 days of Megaplays absolutely Free (which is a value of $9,500)! Let your sportsbook set up your 2011 year with straight, winning sports picks delivered to your inbox and get the strongest and most powerful sports picks from top cappers that are guaranteed to win for today’s sports games!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tony Reno Gains Insider Tips for Today’s Winning Sports Report

Hey,! It's Tony Reno of Tony Reno Sports giving you a head's up for today's sports picks from me, live from Vegas! I have been up all night researching today's, Tony Reno Sports - 1 Day Capper Sports Picks which have been submitted and are ready for you. My Tony Reno Sports Report for today is sure to make you a Thursday Vegas winner in sports betting! And, at just, $15 for today’s 1 Day Tony Reno Sports Report, courtesy of my late night research and meeting with top, sports insiders on the Vegas strip, you absolutely cannot lose.
Get my Tony Reno Sports Report now exclusively from the!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Win Sports Now Spotlight on

WinSportsNow was founded in 1999 by a small group of private sports investors that have decided to go public and share their winning sports picks and plays! WinSportsNow is an elite handicapping service that boasts consistent daily winning plays, while taking great pride in their level of customer service delivered to each client. Join WinSportsNow for 1 day exclusively on the and you'll find a home for the rest of your career in sports betting! WinSportsNow will provide you with winning information in football, basketball, and baseball.
WinSportsNow has amassed a seasoned and dedicated team of professional handicappers which enables them to deliver the strongest winning information and sports plays to you on a daily basis. WinSportsNow outperforms other capping services because they use extensive player vs. player analysis, team vs. team analysis, coach vs. coach analysis, and a whole lot more to make sure all of the information points in the same, winning direction on a particular matchup. WinSportsNow Football Premium Plays consistently won ATS 78% last year and averaged 71% for the last 6 years. Join the & WinSportsNow today to win sports now!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sports Handicapping - A Slice of Paradise

Yes! Today’s handicapper spotlight is on one of our best handicappers, Paradise Plays! This top handicapper offers up their special sports picks and plays that are guaranteed winners! Choose today’s Paradise Plays sports report for just, $20 or the Paradise Plays 30 Day Sports Report and receive a 72% Win Guarantee or get 90 Days Free!
This top handicapping firm, exclusive to  members only, has been dominating the sports betting industry for over 10 years. Paradise Plays is an experienced sports handicapping service, handicapping professional and college sports including football, basketball, baseball and hockey. When you choose this sports handicapper, your plays will be emailed to you on a daily basis by 2pm EST (earlier games no later than 1 hour prior than game time).
Score big wins with Paradise Plays exclusively from the!

Monday, January 3, 2011

7 Days of Megaplays

The knows you won big with our Sunday Megaplay and today, Monday January 3rd, 2011 the wants you to win again! Get our 7 MEGAPLAYS for just $100!
You must win your first MEGAPLAY or you get 30 DAYS OF FREE MEGAPLAYS!
(That’s a $9500 value).
Let your sports book set up your 2011 year and get the strongest and most powerful sports plays and handicapper picks online for 7 days straight! You must win your first MEGAPLAY or you get 30 days (if your first MEGAPLAY fails to win). Go to and send your $100 payment to Today's Megaplay will be emailed to you immediately. Once the receives your payment, these Megaplays will also be available inside your members area of our site.
Today's MEGAPLAY sports report will put this payment right back in your pocket… The guarantees it or you will receive 30 Days of Megaplays for FREE!