Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Feb 25th 2013 GREAT WEEKEND OF WINNING!

17-1 SUNDAY!

The players that emailed the codewords for Fiday and Saturday actually swept the board 2-0 for FREE! Make sure you email codeword: "MON" to and you will receive Monday night's free easy winner. Bracketbuster games really made winning against the spread super easy. Spring training is happening and baseball season is on the horizon. Last night, the Heat actually gave up a 20+ point lead to the Cavaliers to go down by 3 points, but the Heat held on and won the game which now makes it 12 wins IN A ROW for the Miami Heat. OohAhh! How come in the Lakers game Sunday, Kobe never allowed Stave Nash to be the ball handler that he is? Steve Nash will pass the ball and feed his team players all day and Kobe doesn't want Nash to feel disconnected from the game. Tonight there are 4 nba game scheduled to be played with 3 home favorites and 1 home dag. The totals are from 190 up to 217. There are some real golden nuggets available in the nba and we will cash in big.There is just 4 Ncaab games scheduled and they are all on national tv. The opposite in the ncaab is happening tonight with the lines. Nba has 3 home favs. The Ncaab has 3 road favorites and one huge home favorite. K State opened up at 20 and is now at 18.5 against Texas Tech. Cuse is now favored by 2 points against Marquette. Now is the most important time to win for these teams. Nova opened at 3 and is now at 5 in some places against Seton Hall/ There are 4 totals in ncaab that range from 130 all the way up to 145. Many golden nuggets in the ncaab are available. Early day baseball has 5 matchuips. Yanks take on O's. The fish take on Braves. The 'Stros take on the Cards. The Tigers take on the fightin' Phils and thePirates take on Twins. get yourself lined up in baseball with a 30 day membership from one of our premiere handicappers. The DPT profit Plays went 17-1 Sunday Feb 24th for 94.4%. They will only get better and stronger as the year progresses each week.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Feb 22nd 2013 Bracketbuster Starts

Friday night starts the Bracketbuster games. Saturday Feb 23rd has 70+ Ncaab Bracketbuster games scheduled on top of the normal regular 50+ ncaab games scheduled. The smell of Madness is beginning and now is the time to catch Vegas asleep especially on the off the radar college schools with lines that are off by 20 points because Vegas has no clue. Last night the NBA had no surprises for DailyProfitTeam because we knew Lebron and company would take care of the Bulls covering the 3.5 points easily as well as the Spurs easily winning against the inexperienced Clippers Team. College Hoops saw 11 favorites cover the number and 10 dogs cover the number so almost evenly split which tells you that Vegas was much sharper last night in college than they have been previously during the week. They only had 2 nba games in action so Vegas knew college would be heavily wagered and didn't want to get killed so Vegas did its homework to set the lines. The Megaplay won with Temple-2 in an 82-74 final. The Syndicate Play won with N. Texas-5.5 over Florida Atlantic in a 66-57 final. Overall the 18 DPT Profit Plays went 14-4 for 77.7% winners against the spread. Tonight there are numerous moneymaking opportunities in the nba as well as ncaab. Saturday will be the biggest day of the season to date for profits because Vegas is overloaded with games to set lines for on schools they just don't have enough important information to do a proper job which is why DailyProfitTeam will bury them. Get yourself involved free of charge by emailing codeword "BRACKETBUSTER" to You will easily go 4-0 with the Saturday Bracketbuster Report. Tonight there are certain nba games where the favorite is far too overvalued with an inflated line and we see some definite underdogs that will keep the game close staying within the number and a good chance of winning the game outright. A position on the moneyline is in play as well. Over in ncaab Akron is playing N. Dakota St in a bracketbuster. Stephen F. Austin takes on Long Beach State. Of course, Akron and Long Beach State are the home favorites, but can they cover. The best time of the season is now. Do not miss out on Saturday's huge winning lineup.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday Feb 21st 2013 (Favorites vs. Underdogs)

Wed night seen many exciting basketball games played with some shockers, some stunners, some upsets, some expected finals, etc. The Pacers at home laying 4 points mowed down the Knicks in a 125-91 final, a 34 point blowout. The Knicks ran into a buzzsaw and REALLY need to be worried about the Pacers especially down the stretch instead of the Knicks worrying about the Heat. It wasn't a surprise that the Over 221 Thunder/Rockets matchup cashed. The Heat toyed with the Hawks the entire game eventually to go and win by 13 points covering the 6 points in a 103-90 final. The Mavericks covered the 11 points in last 5 minutes of the game and also cashed the over 206 too. The Lakers covered the 7 against the Celtics in a 113-99 final. The Warriors covered the inflated 8 point spread against the Suns in a 108-98 final. Altogether 8 out of 11 NBA Favorites Wednesday covered the number which is a huge contrast to how the 6 out of 9 NBA Underdogs covered  the number Tuesday night. If you don't have the right information to help you navigate each day then the potential to be slaughtered is a real genuine reality.'s DPT Profit Plays went a stellar 17-1 for 94.4% winners as the Pacers, Mavericks, Warriors, Heat, Rockets, Nets, and Lakers were all among the nba winners delivered. Thursday night has 2 TNT TV Nba games lined up. The Heat is laying a miniscule 3.5 points against the Bulls at 8:05pm eastern. The Clippers also laying a miniscule 3.5 points against the Spurs at 10:35pm eastern. When was the last time the Spurs were a 3 point underdog. Vegas has definitely made a huge mistake in the nba tonight and one of these games will be an absolute 30 point blowout. The miniscule 3.5 pointspread will never come into play. Email codeword "TNT" to and you'll receive tonight's TNT NBA BLOWOUT free of charge emailed to you immediatly. Wednesday night, the 7pm eastern College Hoop games had 15 out of 20 favorites win and cover the number counting the 7pm eastern added games too. 15-5 is 75% against the number. We all know how much the public loves favorites so they did well with the 7pm eastern group of ncaab games. Then, the public gave it all back because the 8pm eastern ncaab favorites went a paltry 3-9 against the spread counting added games too for just 25% against the spread results. The 9pm eastern ncaab favorites went 1-3 against the spread. The 10pm eastern ncaab favorites went 3-3. The 11pm eastern ncaab favorites swept 2-0. Altogether the ncaab games had 24 favorites cover the number and 20 underdogs cover the number. This translates into Vegas being very sharp in ncaab at this current time of the season which is why you should be careful. Last night the $5000 Play won with Gonzaga-12.5 in a 43 point blowout. The Millionaire Play won with Eastern Kentucky in a 42point blowout. The ncaab schedule definitely has golden nuggets throughout the daily card. We will help you mine for ncaab golden nugget games each day. Infact, there is a huge Ivy League Golden Nugget Ncaab game tipping of Friday night Feb 22nd. It is ready now. If you love winning college hoops and don't mind playing an Ivy League game then email us codeword "IVY" to and we will be happy to pass along this easy winner for you free of charge. One of the perks thrown your way for popping over and checking out the blog. Thursday night is a huge moneymaking opportunity and is full of undervalued dogs and overvalued favorites. There are 2 TNT-TV NBA games and 20+ ncaab games with 10 nationally televised ncaab games on ESPN, nba, big10 network. Watch while you win.We have the right information. Join us and bury Vegas!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Wed Feb 20th 2013
Blogging is an every day affair here at The last 24+ months have been blogged privately, however due to an entire management revamping the dailyprofitteam blog is now a public blog again! Enjoy the daily reading content each day brought to you via this blog page.

Wed Feb 20th 2013


Yesterday, Tuesday the Raptors on the road actually pulled off an outright win over the Wizards who are tough at home. The Raptors were actually catching 3 points in the tilt and won in a 96-88 final. The Bobcats, another road dog catching 5 points won outright as well againstthe Magic in a 105-92 final. The Bucks, another road dog catching 5 points also covered against the Nets in a 113-111 final. The Bucks were on the threshold of winning outright, but got forced into overtime to end up losing due to a game winning shot by Nets' Johnson. The Grizzlies laying 3 on the road blew out the Pistons by 14 points in a 105-91 final. Bulls, another road team covered laying less than a bucket to the Hornets in a 96-87 final. The Celtics getting a WHOLE 9 points on the road also covered against the Nuggets in a 107-100 final. The first 6 NBA games that tipped off seen all the road team cover the number! The Jazz at home was easy money laying 3.5 points and in some places even 5 points as they went on to beat the Warriors in a 115-101 final! The Suns getting almost 7 points on the road won outright over the Trailblazers in a 102-98 final. The Spurs laying a mountain of almost 10 points on the road against the home team Kings didn't cover the number in a 108-102 final. The Megaplay won with the Grizzlies-3 Tuesday. The Millionaire Play won with Over 194 Nets Tuesday. The $5000 Play won with Bulls-1 Tuesday. The over/unders were as close to an even split as 5 matchups went over the vegas total and 4 matchups went under the vegas total. College Basketball is ramping up for March Madness. The DPT Profit Plays went a combined 16-2 for 88.8% winners. Each one of the 6 handicappers on the homepage are contracted to release 3 DPT PROFIT plays each day. The DPT Profit Plays are the strongest set of 3 plays per each capper each day. Just $50 gets you the 18 DPT PROFIT PLAYS each day which breaks down to just $2.77 per play. A tremendous value. There were some college basketball games that stood out from the rest of the card that shocked vegas and the public, but not dailyprofitteam DPT PROFIT PLAYS. Oddsmakers set Michigan State as a home favorite and they lost to Indiana U in a 72-68 final . Florida laying 5 onthe road lost outright to Missouri in a 63-60 final. Byu at home was a double digit favorite and failed to cover against Utah State in a close 7-68 final. Another nice dog was Fresno State getting 7 points and won outright in a 69-64 final over Nevada. This weekend is chock full of winning opportunities.
Don't miss out on another super profitable weekend. Get on board one of the above banner packages and cash in! March Madness is around the corner and now is the time to build your bankroll. Wednesday night has 11 NBA matchups along with 44 college hoop matchups counting added ncaab matchups. Wednesday has an espn NBA twinbill ticket as the Hornets on the road take on the Cavaliers and the Celtics on the road take on the Lakers. The Ncaab has a whopping 10 National Televised matchups. It's an exciting night in hoops. Wednesday is always a big night at and after you enroll will be for you too!